Walking carefully through disruptive times

We are heading into the most intense period of 2020. Just thought you’d like to know! When I first looked at these transits, back in 2016, I was very aware they lined up with the US election. And here we are. From 31st October through to 13th November, our world will change.

Thematically, we are looking at a crashing down of the stories that supported the patriarchy. The pyramidal structure that supported the ‘head’ is shifting to a networked self-organising model. Which means you have to find a new kind of stability.

Change is a more gentle persistent energy of caring for what’s sacred rather than pillaging what we have dominion over in a vain effort for constant linear growth. Imagination is our most important tool now, as we re-vision our future, growing something new out of the old stories.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

The most important dates are:

1st October 2020Full Moon activates dwarf planet Makemake and Chiron – this is the end of patriarchal gaslighting. The old stories, which we had learnt to believe over our own knowing, have broken down.

You can access the full interactive chart in Taraka.io – Makemake is in Gate 18, Chiron in Gate 17.

3rd October 2020 – Mars and dwarf planet Eris are in Gate 42 line 4. We find the courage and desire to disconnect from negative influences, perhaps we didn’t see them before, perhaps we thought they were our fault and shame kept us bound up in them. But we now have the opportunity to walk away from something. Do everything in small careful steps. You don’t want to bind yourself up in the old energies again through wanting to replace the structural stability you’ve just freed yourself from.

Also 3rd October 2020 – the Nodes shift. They move gates approximately every 2 months. The North Node has been in the Gate of Standstill (12) with Neptune (22) since August. It is about to move into the Gate of Money (45).

This is where we shift from a pyramid social hierarchy to a more natural systemic holon arrangement. Which means no more ‘boss’ and much more of a natural gathering of people around shared interests.

Read: Matrix of Brilliance

The old hierarchy is held in place by fear and an unconscious agreement that if we do as we are told and stay in our place we will be taken care of. It can be really difficult to step away from the habit of obedience (and the dissociation that made it possible), but now is the time. The gaslighting about not having enough to go around recedes and we begin to access the incredible abundance that has been hidden from us.

The Age of Entitlement Is Ending

White men (#notallmen) have believed they have dominion over everything – women, indigenous peoples, natural resources. Basically it has been all theirs to take, without exception, without apology. Complaints were viewed with horror that the bargain would be revealed as unfair, they had the right to rape and pillage and those who argued otherwise were intimidated into silence.

Image Jekaterina Razina

Interestingly, after exhausting the entire planet, their pillaging has nowhere to go but into their own home and now they are plundering those who are only slightly further down the pyramid, and we don’t like that. It’s brought a strange kind of alliance between middle-class white people and those we might previously have considered the downtrodden.

I speak as someone who has struggled to locate and remove any sense of privilege and entitlement over the last few years, sometimes with more success, sometimes less! I’ve watched as men have been shocked by the #metoo movement, not realising how much everyday fear women have lived in. I’ve read so many times on twitter – white people, stop expecting us to educate you about racism! We have to take responsibility for where we are profiting from this old abusive system.

So Now Comes the Disruption

When we look at transit activations we are not just looking at one gate in isolation, but all that it brings into play. Uranus is now making a channel with Pluto and Saturn. Jupiter joins them on 30th October. This brings religion into play, the main driver being the upcoming US Supreme Court appointment.

Uranus is in the Gate of Returning, turning us back to the essence of what is emerging and joining with it. It brings into play one of the most disruptive influences in Human Design – Gate 44 – the gate of coming to meet. This gate is a complementary polarity to the Gate of Returning.

The essence of what is emerging is so powerfully disruptive that we cannot hope to control it. It defies our past, our logic, our need for security. We must go to meet it, but we have to understand how much it will change us.

This is a powerful feminine energy. Stephen Karcher refers to it as ‘beauty that tumbles down from heaven’. All of the suppressed feminine power comes tumbling into awareness.

Image Víctor Nizovtsev

We have a few important triggers for this primal disruptive force.

5th October 2020 – Mercury shifts into the Gate of Returning (44). It will be exactly opposite Uranus on 7th October in line 3. Despite it’s power, this is a gentle energy that perseveres in caring for and shaping a life, a culture, over time. Again, the message is to ensure you treat every moment as sacred, gently nurturing and accumulating rather than rushing and exhausting.

The only disruption here is in attempting to control, rather than meet and be changed by, this energy. Remember you know nothing of where we are going and you will be fine!

14th October 2020 = Mercury goes retrograde in the Gate of Returning (44) just before the New Moon on 16th October which activates Nemesis. While she may send shivers up our spine, Nemesis is all about rebalancing rather than punishing. Her energy was used against humanity, punishing those who had the hubris to challenge the gods, so I expect we’ll see some attempts to pushback from *the entitled ones* during October, but the main thrust of the energy is their being brought to account for their lies and general bad karma.

13th November 2020 – a very important day. Pallas Athene will be exactly conjunct Pluto and Jupiter. For me, Pallas represents women taking a leadership role, but Pluto in the mix suggests deep shifts, Jupiter brings religion and law into play. I’m thinking the situation with Amy Coney Barrett and the US Supreme fits the bill pretty well. Stay tuned, I’ll write more about this.

A New Kind of Technology

The so-called Defence Circuit is active during the latter part of October. I say ‘so=called’ because this is a shadow naming of a powerfully creative energy. This is the very home of humanity, where we love and care for each other.

Dwarf planet Haumea is in Gate 50 until 2024. Haumea is new life arising from the synthesis of Earth and Universal Consciousness. In Gate 50 she ushers in a new era of technology that is more bio-mimicry than fossil fuel. In this gate she will change everything we believe about how humanity inhabits this planet. On 19th October, the Sun activates Haumea in this gate of the new era.

It’s not just technology in the way we usually think of it, but new consciousness tools, social networks, ways to come together and connect, love, care.

Uranus shifts back into the Gate of Nourishment (27) in March next year (2021) and this will bring this Haumea energy into full flight.

Lived Reality

The most important process for you personally right now is to find an inner stability, to make yourself at home in your own life, and to realise that very very small steps create huge outcomes over time.

We are changing the way we do change. It’s not linear, it doesn’t require huge individual effort. Instead it’s about taking good care of yourself, being ‘in relationship’ with lived reality. And lived reality is becoming more available to us as the old cultural dissociations dissolve.

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14 thoughts on “Walking carefully through disruptive times

  1. “You will know nothing of where you are going and you will be fine.”

    Thanks Kim, I think I will reread in order to understand better. I am afraid of the disruption but you make it look like a walk in the park…

    Love Maaike

    1. Lol, we are in this together and that helps. I have a sense of where we are going but I expect the experience of it will be very surprising, like walking into a picture book. Remember when Mary Poppins jumped into the chalk drawing?

  2. Hi Kim,

    Love your posts… always look forward to reading them.
    Looks like Amy Coney Barrett and i share the same birthday (though not year) so will be interesting to see where this goes.
    Keep being wonderful You!
    Love Ruthie

  3. Wow. Just watched the embarrassing presidential debate in America and now a PBS woman’s suffrage vote documentary. Uranus in Taurus last time during Great Depression. Can’t we learn from history? Let us rise!

    1. I keep tweeting that Trump is talking in Q drops more and more these days. It’s not even about getting votes these days, he knows he won’t win that way, so he’s turned towards insurrection. Voting is important and the earlier the better.

  4. We really appreciate the great work you do which is so much needed in these disruptive times. It’s like a lighthouse in the middle of the vast and wavy ocean…. Thank you so much!!

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