Wanna Jump Over The Line With Me?

I woke up this morning with the words – I’m only just holding on right now – in my mind. It’s normal for me to wake up with words, they are usually the beginning of my next blog post. But this surprised me because I’d had a good nights sleep, no struggling, no gripping the side of the bed hoping not to fall out. What does it mean?

We are all of us, every person on this planet, holding on tight to an old version of reality right now. If you think you’ve already completed this process, perhaps you’re right but it would be wise to stay alert and not take your current reality for granted.

Your Galactic Self is Calling

We have been so busy in the past two thousand years, learning to be human. We are about to embark on a new adventure. Learning to be galactic humans.

This week, The Sun and Earth have been activating a deep space planet called Sedna. She’s all about letting go of who you thought you were.

While Sedna may have an orbit that takes her out into deep space, galactic territory, she is anchored to our Solar System. Her orbit is around our Sun.

She takes 12,000 years to move through every gate in our Human Design. Compare that to distant Pluto, who takes 284 years! This time frame links Sedna to the precession of the equinoxes and the Mayan calendar. She has profound galactic messages for us.

Divine Re-formation

In our Human Design, Sedna represents a profound experience of stepping beyond culturally approved roles, surrendering to a form of annihilation of self, and a re-formation in divine form.

But Sedna is not your ordinary everyday divine goddess. Remember her pathway takes her so far beyond our current consciousness, into deep space, that we are not yet sure what she is calling us to.

Once we’ve been through a Sedna activation we’re never the same person again.  She is clearly an indicator for the exiled feminine who refuses to conform.  And for those times when only a shamanic experience can lead to a personal resurrection.

Sedna shows us what happens once we understand the nature of polarity – masculine/feminine – and how they are complementary rather than linear. How they pulse rather than alternate. How they connect us to the nature of space/time and bring our personal consciousness beyond the everyday into the quantum vacuum.

Stepping Outside Your Approval Zone

There are other current transits supporting this idea of stepping over a line we previously took for granted. I am calling it – stepping outside your approval zone.  That line is unique for each one of us, as we navigate our way through the labyrinth of personal transformation, global integration and beyond to galactic consciousness.

I presented a webinar on this topic in January this year (2018) which you can watch free here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/your-next-evolutionary

Those other Human Design transits?

Uranus (planet of freedom from family constraints) is making a channel with the South Node (the past). The channel is about individual mutation, creating a new blueprint for your life, giving birth to a new more deeply embodied self. (3/60)

Nessus (negative family patterns) and Orcus (galactic purpose) are both transiting in channel of how you value yourself within your ‘tribe’ or family. (37/40)

Mercury (messenger of the gods) has just passed over The Great Attractor (attuning to your personal galactic frequency).

Venus and Pluto (transforming the feminine) have been activating dwarf planet Haumea (giving birth to a self with purer consciousness).

Saturn is activating dwarf planet Makemake (following your own stars to the centre of your own universe, letting go of the dominant story of your life that has kept you trapped).

You Are Here To Live Purposefully

The most important point I want to share with you is this – you may not know what is calling you. That doesn’t really matter. You will discover it along the way. We often think of ‘finding our purpose’ as being a hunt for something solid, knowable. But it’s not. Finding your purpose is an ongoing adventure, the reason for life itself to exist.

Your task is not to seek certainty, but to explore the realms of possibility available to you right now. Consider your options. Play with potential. Dance on the wings of what might be.

Your galactic self must learn to live purposefully, rather than seek your purpose.

This is why I believe Human Design is so fundamental to the shifts in consciousness that are coming. It teaches us, in our human selves, how to live purposefully and in that living, to open doorways to our multidimensional being.

We are shifting from a mechanistic linear way of thinking about ourselves and our lives into a quantum reality. We must learn to BE in the uncertainty, to create as a process.  The anchor point for our safety has changed completely. (Hint: it’s no longer old white men, and has more to do with the quality of our relationships). More here

What you should not be doing now is standing on the wrong side of that line, holding safe within a sphere of approval that you grew up in, and hoping if you spend long enough peering into the unknown it will make a safe space for you to step into. That’s not how this works.

Hold my hand and step over that line. We are learning that life is a process, that we are becoming conscious of a multidimensional part of our being that takes us beyond this planet and into an, as yet, unknown world. You will remember it when you get there.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

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