They called the election result, what happens now?

I just watched Kamala Harris and Joe Biden speak, as the Mayor of Paris tweeted – Welcome back America! This is about so much more than changing who lives in the White House!

So what can we expect to happen next?

Finding A New Pathway

Uranus is in the Gate of Returning (24) – returning to the source to find a new path, to restore us to a better way. Mercury is in Gate 50, which represents the beginning of a new era. And Jupiter/Saturn conjunct is hovering over us, heralding a new kind of governance.

The Moon was sitting right on the North Node (destiny, future) of the USA chart, in Gate 31 – Influence. This is a steadying, heartfelt influence that inspires us to make room in our lives for change, to be open and allow space to be influenced by events.

View: USA Sibley chart here

View: Transit chart for the time the result was called – 11am 7 Nov 2020 EST (4pm UT).

Expect Challenges

This feels so big not just because of the division, the toxicity evoked, the pandemic sitting on everything. But also because we are beginning a new 1000 year cycle.

The immediate future holds challenges. We have to find our feet on this new ground. We will make mistakes. There will be chaos as a new kind of humanity emerges. But a watershed is being passed today, and in the next few months.

You can read about the important dates here.

In the USA, between now and 20 January 2021, there is a fraught transition period. On that very day Mars is conjunct Uranus in Gate 27 line 6:

Nourished by ancient virtue, you can find your own pathway again, make new commitments, explore new territory.

But we have a few stages to go through before we get there.

Although Mars usually spends about 10 days in each gate, it will be in the Gate of Shock (51) till 15 December. This is radical change creating shock waves. We can’t stop the process, our best approach is to keep anchoring into harmony.

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Mars is instrumental to what’s happening at the moment. He next moves to Gate 42 (Increase), where he joins dwarf planet Eris. This gate activates Pluto and Saturn and potentially brings a huge shift in understanding our personal and collective power. We can’t just put systems on autopilot. There’s no such thing, and someone will take control if we don’t. Voting every 4 years isn’t enough to uphold democracy, decency and fairness. We have to engage with the system every day.

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Creating A New More Caring Culture

On 28 November Uranus moves back to the Gate of Nourishment and stays there till 2 March 2021.

This is not only what you eat, but all the processes and structures that sustain nourishment – physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual nourishment. These are the structures that support and shape you.

From Hilary Barrett I Ching

Haumea is in the adjoining Gate 50. I can describe this channel as simply – creating a new more caring culture. But it’s more than that, because this time is so much more significant than one simple transit. Haumea is about re-generation. She is about passing on the baton to a new generation, how we generate energy, bio-mimicry and working sustainably with nature at all levels including the cosmic.

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Gate 50 brings the stable robust foundations for a new life, a transformation that affects each one of us personally, creating the energy for a re-generation of culture.

What Happens at the Beginning of Things

Which brings us back to where we started – the difficulties we face at the beginning of new things. Gate 50 is complementary to Gate 3. In Genekeys terms they are programming partners, because they are astrologically opposite.

Gates 3 and 50 are complementary

Saturn has just shifted into Gate 60, making a channel with Gate 3. The profoundly important Saturn/Jupiter conjunct will happen in Gate 60.5 on 20 December.

View: Saturn/Jupiter conjunct transit chart

Remember how I said that when the networks announced the result at 11am EST on 7 November 2020, Mercury was in Gate 50?

Both Biden and Harris have Gate 3 – Difficulty at the Beginning. This is a gate of breaking through into an unknown new world, everything is supportive and it’s time to explore possibilities with an awareness of the danger of the times. Everyone has to be involved, playing their part. It is chaotic, profusive, calling you out into a new world.

Because they have Gate 3, these two people know how to navigate dangerous times with prudence.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Human Design chart

With his Sun conjunct Venus, Biden is all about relationships and values. His Moon in Gate 3 will see him through the transition period – in line 5: a loyalty to the open innovative spirit of the times, finding the lines of least resistance through intelligent sensitivity to the environment, implementing the ideal, finding the way through.

His Design Sun is in the Gate of the Abyss (29), which is another of the gates that demonstrate an ability to move well through dangerous times, being effective, not ‘alerting the guards’ and bringing a negative response.

When Neptune shifts into Gate 36 in May 2021, Biden will be steady, with his Saturn in the 35.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Human Design chart

Harris has her Sun and Mercury in Gate 50, and her Earth and Moon in Gate 3 (a Full Moon baby!) she is all about the transition, innovation and empowering the individual through a more caring community.

Gate 50 line 2 says that the negativity of others can’t affect her. Gate 3 line 2 says she gets things done through partnering with others.

Donald Trump

Donal Trump Human Design chart

Despite a huge turnout and more than 70 million votes, Trump lost his bid for a second term as President. The first thing I noticed was, there were no real connections with his chart in the last week or so, other than his Moon and South Node (past, karma) in Gate 26. This is the gate underpinning the fundamental shifts we are experiencing – a movement away from material and financial accumulation towards a more virtuous and relationship oriented way of being.

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Neptune is activating Trump’s Sun in the Gate of Blockages. People with this gate are skilled at working through blockages and Trump certainly proves that! But Neptune can indicate difficulty connecting with reality and right now Trump needs to accept that he lost the election, a “blockage” he can’t work through in ways he is accustomed to. He will be patient, waiting to see what he can make of the situation, so don’t expect him to go quietly!

His Holographic Moon is in Gate 42 line 6:

You are only interested in what you can receive, and not in giving, so you don’t invest yourself reliably in relationships. You are likely to attract hostility and misfortune, and to let yourself and others down.

Hilary Barrett I Ching, 42 line 6

It’s so interesting that his Holographic Moon is about to move into …. wait for it ….. Gate 3! With Uranus activating Haumea in Gate 50 from 28 November till 2 March 2021, Mars and Uranus will be conjunct in this matrix on 20 January, inauguration day, and the Saturn/Jupiter conjunct coming up, this is clearly where the action is!

What About You??

That’s all very well, but what about the most important person – you!

On a personal level, this is a time of great change, requiring persistence and an ability to move with the flow of synchronicity rather than forcing inauthentic outcomes. With Saturn and (from 2 December) Jupiter in the Gate of Limitations we are learning to move with the natural order, to find a sustainable pathway that, paradoxically, leads to a fuller participation in the flow of life.

You will be feeling a strong desire to regenerate, to make your life fit you in according to your own unique requirements.

Neptune continues to keep us quietly at home, contemplating our navels and finding more authentic ways to relate to ourselves and others. It has a huge role to play in the Coronavirus, which will begin to wane around February 2021.

Don’t expect things to change quickly, it’s still a day by day proposition just now, as we pick our way through the old and weave in the new.

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7 thoughts on “They called the election result, what happens now?

  1. Hi Kim, thank you for another great update. However (!), I’m practically screaming by now (Nov, not your update!) – ‘Neptune continues to keep us quietly at home, contemplating our navels and finding more authentic ways to relate to ourselves and others.’ My authentic way is to Be With Others!! And I’m truly knowing this more and more each day, from inner knowing, not just missing it. Relieved to read this might all wane by Feb 21, but I’m not convinced our world leaders will notice.

    And I feel like I’m in the wings seeing the play from 90 degrees to both players and audience. What I see fits none of the various narratives – if that makes sense? – and isn’t good.

    Where can I check out what you mean by biomimicry plans? (I get biomimicry, but in 2021 context?)

    Love to you. 🙏

  2. Annie the South Node is in Gate 26, which is a fundamental trigger for coronavirus, so I expect something may change when the nodes shift. My date simply comes from that, I was being very bold in my prediction there!

    Biomimicry is a new way of doing science – check out for more.

    And just on the – will it be good or bad – thing, I have had my thoughts about how bad things could get but the transits just keep turning up with good news. Even when the planets sit in difficult gates they tend to be in the one good line. So I’m going to run with that. Best wishes for you to be set loose upon the world again soon!

    1. Biomimicry is a new find, and as with everything it is seen from human perspective… application for our use. and that’s what you will find mostly on the site.

      but it is a seed. and THAT is heartening. very simply put it is…. looking at nature… life… as a journey. a successful ‘billions of year’ journey. which means, what we find today has stood the test of time. by constant movement and evolution.

      Applied to us humans, it means… our bodies. and consciousness is a result of billions of years of constant correcting, growing, evolving: what we have today, is what we ARE, and not the puny knowledge we depend upon to pull us through life.

      just a partial view, but important because this aspect is not seen or covered anywhere.

        1. Love you, kim. thank you. that means a lot to me.
          my words… like flowers… need a fertile ground of your words and wisdom to bloom. no?
          would love to know more – if it knocks gently on your doors, of course – about “haumea nesting our humanity”. a link to previous article also would suffice.

  3. Kim, I was going to send you a note that the day of Biden’s speech was apparently 48 years to the day when he was elected to the Senate for the first time. Seemed like an interesting serendipity. Thanks for the great article.

    1. Hi Lauren, I saw that and it must have brought a profound sense of meaning to Biden. I was thinking about how he has been described as persistent/consistent and that fits perfectly with the 32/54 channel, as if he’s been growing into the role all this time. He has a lot of minor planets in that channel, and his Design Jupiter in the 53.

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