What is Human Design

As our world changes, we need to explore new ways of being who we truly are, and creating successful new communities. Human Design opens that doorway.

What is Human Design?

The Human Design System is a blueprint of your energy field.

Imagine if you added Astrology, the Tree of Life, your Chakras and the I Ching together to create a unique map of your personal energy field. That’s what the Human Design System does.  Using your birthdate, as in astrology, we create a personal Human Design chart that gives astonishing information about your emergent self.

Human Design is created from a synthesis of the four ancient esoteric systems, a bringing together of all the world’s spiritual wisdom. It also aligns with the codes of chaos theory, quantum mechanics and epigenetics. Human Design combines our ancient spiritual past with our emerging future.

Global Consciousness

We are going Global

In 1968 we got our first glimpses of what the Earth looks like from space from Apollo 8. It’s taken us another 40 years to realise we all share one home. At about the same time, James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis published their Gaia Hypothesis –  that our planet and all her creatures are part of one living system.

Earth is becoming a different kind of home.

Our Changing Experience of Being Human!

Becoming global is a big shift. It wasn’t too long ago that people spent their entire lives within 50 miles of their birth place and rarely ever laid eyes on any more than 150 people at most.

The steam engine, cars, the telephone, television, air travel and the internet have completely changed the landscape of our lives.

This global shift requires an evolution in our idea of what it means to be human. The old rules and structures are breaking under the strain, as we move past the old cultural, political, religious and economic frameworks.

Human Design is about each one of us, in all our diversity, learning to become who we truly are. And as we engage more authentically with each other, everything changes. Not just on this planet, but beyond, as you shall see in the Emergent Human Design classes.

Your Personal Human Design Chart

Human Design takes knowledge you may have already studied – the Chakras, the I Ching, the Kabbalah – and makes them personal to you. We use astrology to map your unique planetary activations onto the basic blueprint, called a BodyGraph. These activations show the quality and movement in the circuitry of your energy field. It reveals where you may have restrictions, and brings your attention to unrecognised potential.

This is what the BodyGraph looks like.


And this is what happens when we add your unique activations. Here is Oprah’s Human Design chart.

Oprah Collage

And here is Michelle Obama’s personal Human Design chart.


Human Design reflects your uniqueness

If Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama went to a Chakra class together, it would be assumed that their Heart Chakras both had exactly the same qualities. Human Design takes that generic wisdom, which is applied to everyone in the same way, and makes it personal.

Look at the two BodyGraphs above and you will see how Oprah’s Heart Chakra is coloured yellow and connected to her Sacral. Which means her heart always adds it’s input to her gut intuition. Michelle Obama’s Heart Chakra is not coloured in, and so she will always be reflecting other’s love back to them.

Your first Human Design reading can bring a profound sense of recognition of your original nature. It’s not unusual for people to cry because they are so moved to have such a clear reflection of their original self.

What next?

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