What Really Nourishes You

Today is the day.  Jupiter meets Saturn and we all get pushed and pulled into a new shape.  Who knows how we’ll end up?

It’s always interesting writing about these types of major transits.  When we have major astrological shifts the information is out there on the web and everyone’s talking about them.  Here in my little town I hear the chatter in local cafes – “oh that’s because Neptune’s doing something with Chiron”.  Human Design transits, perhaps even more potent than astrological transits, are almost a complete unknown.

With so few people thinking and writing about these transits it lessens what we can discover about them.  Many minds make lightwork, and as I say on my website, the more inspired minds engage with this material the better.   Any comments or emails are very welcome!

Human Design transit chart for 26th January 2012So, back to the planets.  Jupiter will remain in this channel until 12th March 2012, during which time Saturn goes retrograde – 7th February to 25th June.

Saturn represents the boundary beyond which hides our dark subconscious selves.  He also represents the bridge by which we can connect our light and dark.  He is our armour and our support systems, where we contain ourselves and how we build the form and structure of our lives.

Immensely practical, he pushes the darkness to the surface and then presents us with the solution to previously insoluble problems.   His form of transformation requires integration rather than submission.

If you have skeletal or skin issues, look at Saturn in your chart to see what’s too rigid, or what’s pushing up to the surface.

Jupiter, on the other hand, provides transformation via expansion.  Bringing us luck, good fortune and wonderful new horizons, Jupiter can help life make sense in wonderful ways.  When we feel stuck, Jupiter often provides us with an unexpected boon.  If you have tended to rely on luck and good fortune rather than thoughtful application to solve your problems, Saturn is probably about to give you a reality check.

These two planets will connect the Spleen Centre to the Sacral Centre for the next six weeks.

Saturn is in the Gate of the Ting – Gate 50 – which is about establishing the new through nourishing what is sacred in our lives.  This is a process that is said to release new energy and bring supreme good fortune, great prosperity and smoothness. During most of this transit Saturn will be in line 4, challenging us to find what is truly nourishing, and to stand up for our own personal version of prosperity.  There is a call to freedom in Saturn’s position – if we accept what isn’t right for us we may find our ‘ting’ falls over and all the goodness spills out and is wasted.

When Saturn is retrograde it’s important to consider any underlying issues that’s we’ve tried to overlook in the past.  This is more about consolidation and providing a solid base rather than breaking out and creating something completely new.

Jupiter is in the Gate of Nourishment – Gate 27 – choosing only what is nourishing and of real substance.  Whereas Gate 50 has a cultural focus, Gate 27 is more personal.   In all areas of our lives we are about to develop a strong faith in being able to choose what truly feeds us, and this will radiate into the wider community and, I’m sure, into our government and financial systems over the next six weeks.

There will be a new focus on trends like the slow food movement, local organic farmers markets and diet generally.  Old unhealthy habits can fall away, and a new era of health and wellbeing will be seeded into our lives.

But what about the dark side of Saturn?  Well, Jupiter is generally considered to be the antidote to Saturn, so we can expect new solutions to arise fairly easily.  But I’m also very interested in what Mars is up to.  Mars retrograde is helping us clear old emotional and mental patterns of rushing forward, reacting rather than reflecting.  There’s a very positive force for working out what we want to let in and what we want to keep out of our lives.  And a new ability to say yes, or to say no.

I want to wait and see what happens with this transit before I write some more.  Already I am sensing an excitement about eating well and getting healthy.  With Ceres conjunct Uranus yesterday, the focus is on finding your own unique source of nourishment – the exercise program, diet, university course, relationship – that suits you as an individual.  And there’s definitely a sense of refusing to allow old toxic sources of  ‘fake’ nourishment to continue to be fed to us.

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4 thoughts on “What Really Nourishes You

  1. Well I’m more confused than ever about what nourishes me. I have been eating a very healthy, but monotonous, diet for the last few years and I never feel any better. so I got real frustrated Tuesday night and had some brownies after dinner. Well I felt wonderful the next day and got up 3 hours earlier than usual and walked a mall! I felt like a whole new person! The whole time I was in the mall I was thinking, I must have it wrong – there must be something to eating a little sugar (fake nourishment) from time to time. I usually have such low blood sugar in the morning that I can’t get up out of bed and I just get weaker and weaker from no exercise. Anyway, sign me “Confused.”

    1. Well Tara that was a very interesting experiment! What if the nutrition ‘gurus’ working from the rational basis of science didn’t know everything there is to know about your body? And what if your body knows more about what nourishes you,and what’s good for you? There’s some food for thought!

  2. I was sitting in my best friends kitchen, talking heart to heart, woman to woman sharing the deep private thoughts. It was on the 26th, and I had yet to read your blog. We were willing to share the unspoken….the thoughts that if people really knew what we were thinking they would run away in shock or disgust. And instead we embraced our honestly, treated it as “normal”, our right to see and know. In aftermath of reading it thrills me to know just how aligned I am with being in sync with reality. It tells me I can embrace my confusion and doubts and waltz with and through them. Thanks for the opportunity of seeing it this way.

    1. In my experience Cindy, you are always spot on in your synching with reality! And good on you for having the courage to go there :))

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