What’s Society Been Hiding From You?

HDTransits24June2014The next few days bring a major activation to your soul awakening.  The mask you put on to survive a society that doesn’t truly see you is being removed, revealing the true gem beneath.

I’ve had this chart sitting on my desktop for nearly 6 months.  It nearly blew my cotton socks off when I first saw it.  It’s the transit chart for tomorrow.  While others have been talking about Full Moons and Solstices I’ve had my eye on the next 6 days.  First a little back story.

From 29th May to 22nd June 2014, Mars was moving through the Gate of Depth (48) dredging up toxic sludge from our psyches so that our vital energy can flow clear and free.  It does this every year, but it was different this time because Chiron is transiting in the Gate of Grace (22).  This gate specifically deals with the false social masks we apply to cover up ….  the toxic sludge in our psyche.  Shazaam!   A match made in heaven for revealing the truth of who we are.

Of course, nothing in your psyche is necessarily toxic or even bad, except where it has been made so by society.  And so taking off the mask means retelling the story of who you are – releasing the wrong people, the unkind interpretation, the chronic invisibility of the deep authentic self.

Back to today, and the period from 22nd to 28th June.  Mars has shifted to the Gate of the Gentle, often called Intuitive Insight (57).   Here it meets the powerful goddess energy of both Ceres and Vesta, two dwarf planets that orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Over these 6 days we find the courage and the passion to connect with the true gentle nature of the feminine and it’s bodily wisdom.

It also represents an epic event – the gentle opening to a new vocation.  For many it will be the culmination of many lifetimes of women’s wisdom returned in a new form.  For others it will be a whole new way of seeing themselves.  We’ve already seen the phenomenon of women taking hold of their power in the business world, this week will see that take on a new and more visible form.  So-called ‘women’s work’ is about to take centre stage in the world economy.  We’ll also see power returning to women in government.  In a sense, I feel this week represents the true end of the patriarchy.

And here I need to mention Pallas Athene, another planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, true daughter of the patriarchy, now coming into her own.  Pallas learnt the ways of men and has returned to show us how to blend her mother’s wisdom with the undoubted blessings of masculine manifestation and action.   Pallas is currently in Gate 40, creating a channel with Neptune (retrograding in 37).

So while there’s been deep and often intense inner work, there has also been an incredible sense of purpose and promise over the past few weeks.  Many people are making huge and amazing breakthroughs that feel incredibly special.  That’s because the social mask is falling away and something that feels more like the true self is arising in it’s place.

Alma de la Melena Cox

This week we have this amazing activation of the Integration Circuit.  Venus in 20, Mars in 57 and the Earth in 10.  And remember that Ceres and Vesta are also in 57.  This is about shifting out of the old survival codes in our biology, out of our individual struggle and into a place where we are totally supported in our individuality.  It’s about really been seen, and included.  This is an awakening of soul.

At the same time we have Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Obstruction, Stagnation and Standstill (12) meeting Chiron in the Gate of Grace (22).  This is a magical combination, forcing us to revisit what we have always believed stood between us and our dreams.

This week allow yourself to tune in deeply to your intuition.  What does your body experience as you think thoughts?  feel feelings?  You are here to create what brings you joy, and to open to connections that support the process.  You are here to be aware of each step, to savour it, to see it’s potential. You have the capacity this week to overcome centuries of obstruction, to walk away from what no longer serves you and to embrace the next stage of your life. Enjoy!

Image:  Alma de la Melena Cox

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3 thoughts on “What’s Society Been Hiding From You?

  1. wow- and NOW I see why my recent art work has revisited my Mermaid Magdalen door that I began 3 summers ago. My Magdalena asteroid sits in Gate 48 (!!!). The “Mary” goddesses/archetypes have re-awakened and deepened within me as I was “invited” back in May (the month of Mother Mary) to paint Mother Mary- May-June also sparks Guinevere , fairies and Avalon threads…all weaving a refashioned “feminine” infusion…..:)

  2. And I was wondering this morning, why the sea was so dark. I communicate with my ‘home’ daily and the sea beautifully tells me what is going on. The dark colors pointed me that something from the deep level of my core essence is about to see the day light. At the same time there were beautiful shades of blue and light on those small waves (the Baltic Sea, +12C) and I knew that the change will be light and easy. I actually sang a song to manifestate the lightness and easiness, things quickly happening, no painful drama this time.
    And there you have it all written Kim.
    Thank you. Now I know more.

  3. Carolyn, wow your Magdelene and my Earth! No wonder we work so well together :).

    Lis ~ such beautiful imagery, and I agree, there is a certain lightness and ease, even in the darker deeper moments.

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