What’s The Story of Your Greater Reality?

Jupiter is lining up a little christmas present for you. Yesterday he moved into Gate 6 – the place where all emotional streams meet … and where those streams potentially find room for argument. The good news? Jupiter brings upgrades, if you’re willing to take a quantum jump into a new story of your life.

Right now (and for all of 2016) it’s all about relationships. Not just love relationships. Quantum reality is based on relationships of all kinds. Here’s a way to get started: head out for a walk sometime today and notice every single person, natural object and experience that influences you. You are not a discrete person, you are a bundle of relationships. You are constantly influencing and being influence by everything in your ‘reality’.

This is a really big deal. Really big. Have I stressed it enough? It’s big. Because … take a moment to consider what this means ….  quantum reality is not about things but all about relationships. In our new world there is no matter, there are no things. Just relationships. So when Jupiter, planet of all good experiences, turns up and says let’s pay some attention to our relationships, we should listen very carefully.

Jupiter is helping us figure out how to create great relationships and an even greater reality, both personally and collectively.

After 2 months in the mental realms, Jupiter is putting his attention on our emotions. This gate is the quintessential energy for this quote attributed to Einstein:



Or, to quote Hilary Barrett in her I Ching book:

No matter how deep or true you find your convictions, if you freeze into a combatve defiant posture, holding onto your sense of the wrongness of the situation, you will not resolve the conflict but only preserve it in perpetuity.

You need a higher perspective that allows you to see beyong the argument to a larger truth. You may find that shift in perspective within yourself or perhaps you need to consult with someone wiser. Meanwhile, it’s fruitless to commit yourself to your position out of sheer defiance.

When our emotions pull us away from the harmonious stream of life, we experience inner turmoil, we are in dispute with natural laws, with how things really are in our own world.

FIFA’s Sepp Blatter is a great cautionary tale here.  If Jupiter has a down side it is that he can blame others rather than taking responsibility for shifting his own story about himself. Despite being found guilty of dereliction of duty and banned from football, the head of soccer’s governing body FIFA, says the decision was pure masquerade and an attempt by his enemies to tarnish his name. It’s not me, it’s you … doesn’t cut it with an evolved Jupiter.

There’s an interesting side note here, but I’ll leave it till we get to the bit on Nemesis ….  oh did I mention that Nemesis has turned up AGAIN!


Your Karmic Crusade

Jupiter is the planet of turning lemons into lemonade, but he can also be full of his own opinions. Think crusade. Imagine righteous indignation. So any kind of personal crusade you’ve been on in this lifetime, expect it to come crashing into view. You will know it’s arrived when you feel a mixture of emotions and have to sort through them. Ask yourself, what beliefs or stories can I easily let go of here. I say easily, because Jupiter is a very supportive energy.

Jupiter is a place of personal meaning, where we create our own mythology. So here’s a great chance to sift amongst your stories about your life and find which ones bring the best feelings into your body. Go with those!

I’m talking about this as a kind of sorting or sifting process, and it is. That’s because Gate 6 – the Gate of Conflict – is the place where all your emotional streams come together.


Don’t Cross The Streams!!


You’re going to be crossing the streams because that’s what Gate 6 is all about! It can feel chaotic (that’s the programming partner Gate 36 kicking in). We don’t like to cross the streams because there’s stuff there we don’t want to know about, emotions that we would prefer to keep down deep where they won’t cause trouble. Expect them to come waltzing out into the light in January, but also expect to be met with fellow travellers who make you think … hey why was I even worried about that!?!

Conflicting emotional states is the bread and butter of this gate! It’s where you do want to go home for the holidays but there’s this great party … or an invitation to stay in the beautiful house with friends …  or .. and …

I had a taste of it this morning when I was with my daughter and I wanted to stay longer, but I wanted to come home, and I wanted to go to Sydney with my partner, and I wanted to go visit my mum …  and …. they all felt good!


Nemesis and the return of the Golden Age 

Let’s bring Nemesis into the picture, because she is STILL hanging around having fun with our karma. Nemesis is an asteroid which is simply about this: she brings up THE THING that’s been haunting us all our lives, creating trouble for us. Nemesis is in Gate 50, in the same circuitry as Jupiter. Astraea is there too (in 59). She is the Goddess of the Golden Age. Astraea returns to show us the way to being more kind, considerate, personally engaged.

Let’s hark back to soccer for a moment. I so love that Loretta Lynch, the first female African Amercian to serve as US Attorney General, with legendary prowess at bringing down mobsters, has been described as Blatter’s NEMESIS. Yes Nemesis is actually a woman, and one who says … you know what? you got greedy, you got too carried away with  yourself, and now I’m here to make amends. 


US Attorney General Loretta Lynch
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch


Together, Jupiter, Astraea and Nemesis create an interesting story. There’s an emotional stream that needs to get it’s head out of the clouds and get real, to come back in touch with your actual lived experience. This isn’t a harsh or punishing kind of energy. It’s something that you couldn’t figure out, probably for lifetimes, and now the answer is becoming clear. Where you’ve been holding onto a kind of collective concept and hoping to get the answer there, you are now being re-routed to your own personal knowing about the solution.

Procreating and Maintaining 

This is what conventional Human Design calls the Defence Circuit, and it’s said to be about the procreation and care for children (and all creatures great and small, including perhaps soccer fans). Jupiter might have some strongly held ideas about how that should happen, but right now he’s probably wrong. He’s getting an emotional upgrade to his software so that he can FEEL more of our own personal truth and let go of old worn out concepts about how to do things.

This gate is argumentative. It tends to project part of any internal conflict out onto others  – you take this part of my internal dialogue and I’ll take this part and then you and I can have an argument and let’s both pretend it’s a completely external event.  What if you were just having an argument with yourself?

Imagine this circuit of procreating and sustaining is all about you. What does it mean to create? What does it mean to maintain, sustain? What does it mean to care for and nourish?




What’s The Story of Your Greater Reality? 

Your Jupiterian mission till the end of January, if you choose to accept it, is to walk away from your mind’s flurry of words and debate. You can’t win anyway and there’s no great emergency. Instead take time out to find your FEELINGS about any issue that’s troubling you. Your personal emotional FEELINGS about it. They will lead you to a greater and simpler outcome.

Now, it’s well worth mentioning that this channel, where we find Jupiter just now, is very much about sexual intimate relationship. This has the potential to bring great good fortune to our relationships. It could also bring up conflicting emotions about your relationships, particularly the sexual aspects of your relationship.  Jupiter will expand our emotional waves so this is a good time to wait things out and observe your FEELINGS (are you seeing a theme here?).

PS. Just a heads up. Pluto is shifting gates on 4th January. You can read about Pluto in Gate 54 here.

PPS. Jupiter heads back into Gate 47 on 27 January 2016. He doesn’t make it back to Gate 6 again until 4 August. We are recovering a part of ourselves that couldn’t make sense of the world and is now figuring it all out in marvellous and majestic ways!

And here is a little magic to enlighten your day


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