What’s Wrong With Waiting

If you’ve been exploring the Human Design System and you have been told you are a Generator, you will also have learnt that your ‘Strategy’ is to wait.

A lot of people feel a huge sense of relief when they hear this.

No more rushing around trying to make things happen.  It’s okay to relax, sit back and allow life to come to us.  Depending on your design, you may have figured it out a long time ago and really have appreciated the confirmation.  Or perhaps you have been struggling and striving with nothing ever quite coming together for you and the idea of waiting suddenly made so much sense!

When I got my first Human Design chart back in 2003 I couldn’t even make sense of the idea of waiting, but I stuck with it, and gradually the benefits have flowed through into my life.  I no longer rush around like a mad hornet on speed until I drop from exhaustion.

Over the years I’ve explained ‘the Generator Strategy’ to thousands of people.  And over the years I’ve become more and more uncomfortable with the notion of Waiting To Respond.  Here’s why.

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What Are You Waiting For?

What does waiting actually mean?  According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary it means

to stay stationery in a place of expectation.

Does that sound like a good life strategy to you?

blueprint-space-mechanic-18959202Our Sacral holds our unique blueprint for divine creation.  Pretty much anything you want to create is there for you.  Your part in the process is to let your Sacral know what you desire.  A purple volkswagon?  A new baby?  A PhD in Astrophysics?

I have heard Ra say Generators don’t have a clue what they want.  I take issue with that, in my opinion it’s dangerous nonsense to suggest that 70% of the world’s population is wandering around with no idea what they desire in life.

I trust completely in my own inner desires.  Sometimes they may be the vaguest of  feelings, other times they are concrete down to the last small detail.  But either way, I do know.  I am not an empty vessel for the program or the universe to imprint upon. I am a powerful creative force, working in partnership with life.

You will be amazed what can occur when we are actively engaged in choosing the kinds of things we want to turn up for our sacral to respond to! 

A lot of people struggle to get clear about what they desire, but that’s simply through lack of practice, unfamiliarity with the techniques or having had their natural desires knocked out of them repeatedly when they were children.  This is an evolutionary touchpoint for humanity right now.

What you desire can turn up with improbable frequency

Have you ever thought of something and then see it everywhere?  My daughter Meg and I were at the beach last week; she told me she would love a jeep.  On the drive home we passed … oh about 100 jeeps!  It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, and also the Frequency Illusion.  What we think of begins to appear with improbable frequency – improbable, as in more than statistically likely.

I like to think of life as a lucky dip where we get to fill the bag with treats. We can just hand over responsibility to ‘the universe’ or ‘the program’ and get lots of treats we don’t want or we can fill it with so much good stuff our Sacral is almost constantly saying YES!

Do you remember the phrase ‘dumb terminal’?  It was the name of a computer that wasn’t hooked up to a network.  Don’t fall into the ‘dumb Sacral’ trap.  Begin to imagine what you want your Sacral to be responding to, and guess what?  It will show up … with improbable frequency!

Human Design and your authentic self

Regardless of our type, our authority or what centres appear to be activated in our designs, we all seek to live fully in each moment of our lives.  If you have an defined Spleen Centre, you have a design to live fully in each moment of your life.  If you have a undefined Spleen Centre you still have a design to live fully in each moment of your life.  We all feel emotions, and we all have to wait until the time is right for something new to birth.

If you have a defined Sacral Centre and you have been practising waiting, ask yourself these questions.

  • What are you waiting for?
  • And, in your experience of waiting, what might you be missing in this moment?

I no longer teach the waiting strategy.  Now I talk to people about their moment by moment sacral response.

What is your Sacral Centre saying YES to right in this moment?  It might be sleep, food, sex, running a marathon, sitting in front of the tv. (And watch out for that trap of having trained your Sacral to only notice the things it says no to!)

 What is your most perfect hearts’ deire.  If you can’t imagine it in detail that’s okay.  Just feel what you will feel like when it turns up for you, or let even just feel a bit more relief, slightly more calm. This is a great book to help figure it out, day by day.

Scripting The Life You Want

This is a great book for learning how to pay attention to what your Sacral is saying yes to.

Scripting The Life Your Want by Royce Christyn

The more we experiment with actively engaging with this place of natural response, the less frustration we experience, the more we get to say YES! and the more irrelevant the idea of waiting becomes.

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