Did you make daisy chains when you were a kid? I loved splitting the stems and threading the next flower through. We would see who could make the longest chain, and then wear them around our necks, or on our wrists, or wrapped around our heads.

The thing with daisy chains is that one thing always leads to another. Each individual flower is always connected to the one which came before it, and to the flowers further on. It’s a floral metaphor for how past, present and future are connected.

It makes me think of how women are connected, birthing from our bodies, generation after generation of mother and daughter.

This is not a linear process, but a majestic evolutionary sweep of life renewing itself.

And that’s what life does. We have been taught that life is about adaption and survival. We are a mere blip on the radar screen of an uncaring and impersonal universe. Even if you hold conscious beliefs that you are unique and loved, these cultural ideas are woven deep into your DNA and surface at times of stress.

But life isn’t like that at all. Our rising consciousness has revealed an indivisible unity with nature, and with each other. Not just those in our tribe, but ALL life, and ALL people. This is the challenge of our times – to live the truth of life: our connectedness.

And life connects for a purpose. It’s not to produce widgets for the world machine. You are not here to create outcomes, despite the evidence provided by your to-do list and KPI’s. You are here to self-renew.

Today, health is in the news, both in the US and in Australia. In the old paradigm we had a thing called entropy. Life gradually got worn down, sickened and died. Parts wore out and failed. What we are now learning is that this is simply an old mindset. In living systems, life is always self-renewing. It’s open and sensitive, it sniffs the wind and makes continual infinitesimal changes. Each small change creates more life, more possibility. You are not a machine and health is not something we lose as we get older. That’s us still confusing natural systems with machines.

We have been practicing our ‘be here now’ for decades now. We learnt it’s good to be present, to inhabit each moment. But we have to remember the daisy chain. Each moment is born of the previous moment. Each moment gives us a vast potential to create something for our next moment. We are not just inhabiting each moment, we are sitting within the heart of creation.

Life is much more than self-preservation, an attempt to keep decay at bay. You have a light to carry and care for, and a direction to go. Those who want to wield a particular kind of power will naturally have something to say about your purpose. They want you to keep creating widgets. For a long time they had us convinced that we would only thrive if we got really busy and created A LOT of widgets. And that we would perish if we ever stopped all that busy-ness, thrown out of our tribe for abject laziness.

And life would be easier if you and they could agree. But you don’t, and so there is a parting of the ways today. But remember this, YOU are sitting within the heart of creation. YOU are as necessary and important and powerful as every other person within this living system we call the Universe. YOU have the capacity to see your next moment, to tease it from all the potential and allow it to come into being.

Don’t let the old stories keep you trapped, there is something with an entirely new flavour available to you now. Even if it feels as if you have a storm approaching (and perhaps you do if you are on the US eastern seaboard!) take some time today to imagine what you really want, and how different it is from your role within the old paradigm.

just now

The Defence circuitry is busy just now – see the three activations slung like a girdle from Solar Plexus on the right, through the Sacral, and making it halfway to the Spleen. There us a Uranian activation in that one missing gate, and it’s Apollon the Sun God.

This circuit is where we get together and create family and culture, the way we mate, reproduce, take care of each other. It’s where we choose our shared values. Apollon represents family shadows, the patterns which have been affecting our capacity to bond with each other, to let go of our defences and be emotionally authentic with each other.

This week Nemesis is conjunct Pluto and the Sun is in the Gate of ‘Most people I know think that I’m Crazy’ ( or I think they are crazy! -36).

It’s a week to own your unique nature. I’s a time to recognise that if we vilify one person we are destroying our entire system.

This week, as Eris, dwarf planet of complex living systems, is strongly active, we learn how to share pain and suffering and find solutions for problems long suppressed. Without this skill we humans perish, because without it we don’t know the basic universal laws for life. We are here to create, not to fight or mock or struggle or produce widgets for the global machine. We are here to be glorious, and if we cannot share our deepest pain, allow someone else to bring it into the light for healing, we can never truly know ourselves or each other and our glory remains just a dim potential.