Why Trump’s corona is our evolution

There’s a lot of talk about karma at play in the US right now. What happens when we defy reality because we believe we are god? That depends on how we think about god. Let me explain why Trump’s coronavirus is a sign of human evolution, and what it means for our relationship with reality and divinity.

There’s this thing called hubris, where we believe we are better than the gods. I think we can fairly say Trump suffers from hubris. His Hybris asteroid is conjunct his Pluto in Gate 33 and Hybris is transiting on his Moon and South Node in Gate 26, that’s fate at work right there. Remember that Gate 26 is highly significant in everything to do with pandemics!

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What Trump’s contraction of coronavirus represents though, is a deep underlying shift in the allegiance of humanity, from those we believed would keep us safe, to a direct relationship with a new kind of reality.

Nature is always more powerful than culture, and we are creating a new kind of culture that nests into nature, whilst also connecting with a sense of universal place. Our natural selves are releasing bonds and becoming more available to a greater emerging reality. As an individual sitting in this flow of universal conscious, you are finding your unique place in this matrix.

Those who continue to hitch their star to the old patriarchal power structures will begin to fall in the face of this new reality.

Too Good for God

In Greek mythology mortals are always getting punished for bothering the gods, for being hubristic. Arachne, Niobe and Prometheus were just way too exceptional and it made the gods uncomfortable.

This might seem like ancient history (okay, it is ancient history!) but it has implications for all of us right now.

This powerful tipping point in human evolution is calling us to outgrow the need for an external and idealised deity. Not in the – I don’t believe in god I’m an atheist – kind of way. This is about connecting directly and individually with the power of divinity and pure consciousness that previously always required an intermediary.

Evolving Beyond God

We are becoming co-creators, in effect making the very idea of god irrelevant. We can see it playing out in politics. Those who rely on the hierarchical nature of ‘headship’ – unquestionable divine rule from the top – are throwing everything at an unruly global populace. They might seem to be winning the contest today, but their world is cracking under the weight of individual ingenuity. The people are breaking free and finding new ways to ‘govern’.

Our culture is based on the mechanical ideas of the Newtonian era. You are an object, rather than a process. Your life is organised from the outside, to meet the needs of your ‘betters’, lived to an external rhythm not your own. In this kind of life your unique creative contribution withers and dies.

But we are not captured objects inside an abusive culture. We are continually evolving self-organising hubs of consciousness within a vast web of life. And we are flowing beyond this moment and into the next era of humanity.

A wrong that cannot be repaired must be transcended

Ursula K. Le Guin

Along the way we have to move through the paradox of exceptionalism. And this is why the USA is the crucible for the evolutionary process we are now in the midst of, being the very birthplace of the myth of exceptionalism.

Are You Really Exceptional?

I’ve been talking a bit about privilege, how I’ve been confronting my own, how we need to break this down so we can begin to see every person and form of life on this planet as part of the ‘one’.

We have to face what keeps us from being ‘at one’ with every other person on this planet. And the most significant block is exceptionalism – where we believe we are somehow entitled due to being somewhat extraordinary. We have to find our own hubris.

Now, you might say this has nothing to do with you, and I completely understand your position here! This is something I’ve been digging more and more deeply into without really being able to grasp it. But then we heard the news that Trump has tested positive to coronavirus and suddenly all the pieces fell into place.

I pulled up Trump’s chart. I was puzzled, nothing jumped out at me. Then I saw so many people talking about karma and I wondered if the asteroids Karma and Nemesis might be playing out here.

Nemesis in particular is interesting, given that she is all about punishing hubris, arrogance towards the gods.

There’s no doubt that Trump has been playing god with coronavirus, having large gatherings, not wearing masks, deliberately contradicting the science.

The entitlement to go about their business even while endangering others was on full display at the first debate on Tuesday when the Trump entourage showed up too late to be tested, and took off their masks in the auditorium. Both actions went against the ‘honour system’ put in place to keep everyone safe.


This is an evolutionary leap

Remember how I mentioned that we are evolving beyond our gods? Right now, the people who have claimed to represent unquestionable divinity here on earth – the Zeus crowd – are being dethroned.

Those who think they are god are flying about in their personal jets, floating around in their massive yachts while over 600 million people go hungry every day (most of those in so-called- developed countries by the way).

Tweet from 2 October 2020

The balance of hubris has shifted. Where once we were punished for not obeying the ‘head’ – god’s annointed on earth (so they told us), it is those ultra-powerful and ultra-rich who are now displaying hubris to the new level of divinity – which is universal consciousness.

This is a clear signal that humanity has shifted their allegiance from this external source of divinity to their own connection with truth, integrity and personal alignment with a greater power. The intermediary has been removed.

The Paradox of Exceptionalism

You are exceptional, extraordinary, unique and magnificent. You don’t have to compete for that. You just are. Trying to control life so you get your share just keeps you stuck in the ordinary. Right now we have to move into a more harmonious relationship with something greater. And that requires disruption to our personal psyche.

You can only find how exceptional you are when you stop trying to be exceptional.

Trump’s Nemesis

Donald Trump really is the gift that just keeps giving!

Trump has Nemesis in Gate 53, with his Mars and Saturn. Which is intriguing, because Jupiter is transiting in the complementary gate 54 right now, and making a channel with Nemesis in Gate 32.

That’s a lot of Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution and of rebalancing the world when hubris knocks it out of kilter.

Mars is retrograde in the complementary gate to Trump’s Nemesis. This is a gate that suggests we need to let go of trying to control things, and flow with universal consciousness. If we can’t do that, we will have our lives and plans entirely disrupted.

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Today, as I write, we have the Moon, Mars retrograde and dwarf planet Eris ALL in Gate 42 line 4, making a channel with Trump’s Nemesis.

Move freely with the flow of Increase, go to the centre of things, become actively involved in the changes. It’s time for the city to be transplanted to a more auspicious site. Rather than making do with how things are, you must disengage completely from our old, ill-omened situation and move into a more harmonious alignment with heaven. This is a radical shift.

I Ching, Hilary Barret. 42.4.

Read about these two powerful channels at work right now: Jupiter in the Channel of Transformation

These two channels have been changing human evolution since Pluto went into Gate 54 in February 2016.

Revealing What’s Hidden

Eris is so important here.

You may remember how Eris carved For The Fairest into a golden apple and chucked it into the celebrations of a wedding she hadn’t been invited to. The three presiding goddess’s – Pallas, Hera and Aphrodite – were supposedly squabbling over it and Zeus stepped in, asking hot-blooded Paris to choose ‘the fairest’. Surprise! Paris chose Aphrodite and that was the trigger for the Trojan War, which was exactly as Zeus had planned. And yet, it’s always Eris who is blamed for starting the war, never Zeus. Don’t get me started on that!

Eris brings out what is hidden in the system, deliberately obscured to prevent us knowing who is pulling the strings. She is the whistleblower. The best example of Eris at work is Julian Assange, who has Eris conjunct his Design Sun and Chiron in Gate 21.

I had flagged this period a while back, when I saw that Zeus and Jupiter are together in Gate 54 (that gate again!). And I expected Zeus-ian events. And, because this is a pile-on, Hera and Aphrodite are in Gate 53 at the moment and Pallas is lining up to move into Gate 54 tomorrow. They are all there! Juno is in Gate 28 with Mercury. She is all about mutually respect, equality and fairness in relationship.

Nemesis – Howard David Johnson

So today, the very Zeus-ian Trump falls ill with a virus when his Nemesis (hubris and arrogance) is being activated by Mars and Eris, and the entire pantheon of goddesses has turned up to make it a party! Hubris and the South Node (fate, the past catching up with you) are also at play in the gate that is central to pandemics.

What does it mean? The machinations of Zeus are unmasked by whistleblower Eris. The dark and hidden ways of manipulating power and money are coming to the light. The previously powerful are hitched to the wrong star.

Just on that, Varda, queen of the elves and creator of the stars, is also in Gate 26. There is even more to support this story than these minor planets I’ve mentioned, but I’ll stop there!

You have probably noticed how much more obvious the machinations of corruption have become, how much more openly people are talking about them. We can all thank Trump for that. He has played his role.

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30 thoughts on “Why Trump’s corona is our evolution

    1. Thanks Katrina, It’s good to know Trump is doing something worthwhile, even if it is in a backward kind of way!

      1. I loved this, thank you. It is important to find the value in what has been happening these days. We are building a new earth. I just wonder how much will need to be destroyed in the process before we rise from the ashes.

        1. Kathy I feel some big shifts coming very soon, and we have the capacity to renew energetically, we just have to hold the frequency of new creation. Haumea has a huge part to play in this, I’ll be writing more about her soon.

  1. Thanks Kim, this is great. Is this the ‘big thing’ you were seeing coming and thought it would happen in the states? Or is there more coming down the tubes for desert?!

    I’m absolutely not falling down a Qanon wormhole when I say this, but there is a weird liberation element to Trump’s role in all this now that Nemesis, Eris, Mars et al have arrived for the party! The being that agreed to incarnate and play out this shit.. so you know what I mean?

    1. Lindsay I was looking at Chariklo being involved in the Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter mix. She indicates future technology, and with Eris, Makemake and Haumea so strongly active I was thinking maybe a release of US government material on ETs and higher dimensional tech like free energy. I still see that as a possibility, it would be in the next few weeks.

      But at a minimum, the new technologies will break free soon and that will bring tremendous disruption to the world economy, a massive restructuring.

      Also, sometimes difficult not to feel we are falling down the Q rabbit hole, but I suspect it’s like narcissism, if you are concerned about it, you’re probably not!

    1. Awesome, Lindsay! I wish she had gone even deeper to consider what originally caused him (or the wife in the Pushkin fairy tale) to be so driven by that insatiable, annihilating greed. There was deprivation from the get-go, and whatever caused it applauded Drumpf’s griftery, thievery, exploitative capacity, delusion, etc., – creating a gargoyle. The caricature of hyper-masculinity (the biggest, the “best ever”, the richest, the fallacious deranged self-promoter,) belies his lack of wholeness and integration [integrity] of the Feminine (as Kim might point out). I see it as moral castration at infancy (or earlier?). I could go on and on, but I would love to hear/read others consider the inception of his viledom. Trauma begets trauma, and within his own experience of violation/deprivation he decided to identify with the perpetrator (power/force) – commiting/conjuring trauma to a nation/world – but hopefully an awakening, as Kim writes of!

      What a thought provoking article! Thanks!!

  2. So many hidden gems there, Kim. I guess people who challenge and distress us in life, are always bringing out life lessons for us to imbibe. Aren’t they Martyrs in that sense, however unintended, in the way they go about their deeds and attracting resultant karma ? Bless them.

    1. Sanjay I’ve always felt Trump was not capable of hiding his corruption and in this he has made everyone else’s corruption obvious and transparent. A kind of stupid cunning!

      1. That’s amazing, Kim; my fooling (not clowning) teacher said months ago, ‘Trump is a major fool; here to reveal what’s going on. He’s a magnificent one and very important’. And here you say it too! (‘The fool sits on the edge of the stage between audience and players, seeing the both and highlighting what’s really going on, rather than what everyone thinks is going on.’) Thank you, another wonderful piece. I just love how you weave in the stories.

  3. Another inspiring & insightful post- THANK YOU SO MUCH for these, Kim- they continue to be both educational and a great comfort 💯🙌🏻💫

  4. Yes, it is truly interesting to see the manifestation of Trump’s huberis however, does he really have corona virus or, is this a duplicitous political manoeuvre to sham resurrection “look at me I recovered corona is nothing more than flu”; could it all be a mere ruse, an attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of an imagined looming defeat.
    There is time to recover or not. Whatever way it comes all is changing.

  5. A great read – and a lot to process. Thanks Kim.
    Love the Great Gatsby quote – and Ursula Le Guin’s who has been a favourite author of mine.

    1. Ursula Le Guin was a great fan of the Tao te Ching and actually wrote her own version, have you seen it? A wonderful woman. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Kerry.

  6. Hey Kim, Wonderful to tune into your writings again. Continue to appreciate participating in your Webinar on Reflectors years back, finding it instrumental in how I go about making my own contribution, mainly invisible to most around me, finally taking root and my allies for these times showing up. I had to get really burned out on the world and most people for it to begin to unfold. Having many gates in my chart in play in the larger scheme presently, thought to pass along the name of the “Nemesis” painting as being “Lady Justice”. Also to say that Stephen Karcher has another I Ching in existence, perhaps his last one to be done, although I am not sure it has been published yet, and it is extraordinary. AND, there is another I Ching Master who has woven Indigenous Wisdom with the I Ching in a way I have not seen before. Not widely known yet. Glad you have connected to Richard Rudd. I connected with him just before Gene Keys was published and he did my Hologenetic profile reading. Lots of brilliant work unfolding in these times, at least from my personal Reflector experience! Quite the movie to observe connections being made between influencers. Appreciate having reconnected briefly this past year with you. I share your work with many. You are finally receiving the acknowledgment you so deserve around the world!

    1. Connor I wondered about that painting! Would you let me know about that Stephen Karcher book please? I can’t see anything online about a new one and I would love to get it as soon as its available, let me know if you have any more details.

      So happy that you are still enjoying the Reflector work we did, I learnt so much from you during that process.

      And thank you!

  7. I am enjoying your writings and insights VERY much!

    It occurs to me to add that with Trump as president number 45, that’s a 9 in numerology – end of a cycle. Biden will be number 46, a 1 in numerology and a new beginning.

    Trump’s “Cross of Edena” life purpose suggests he is taking loss of innocence to an art form. Perhaps the swamp he is draining is not actually the one so many people thought…..

  8. Hello and thanks for this article from 4 years ago. Things really have evolved in many ways since then. I have been involved in HD for only a year, but having been imprinted with Mercury and Pluto conjunct at 0.5° from each other in scorpio (gate 43) I have a strong need to learn and have uncovered and pondered upon a lot of human design in a years time. That being said, before my entrance into HD I was using my energy to dive deep into the Trump presidency and specifically Qanon. If you are familiar with Qanon then I’m sure you have a strong opinion about it. I stood (stand?) with the qanon crowd as I’ve dug deep beyond the media perspective and found many things that I found valid. Of course many things since then appear to make qanon appear even less valid to many and its validity to most who followed it has all withered away. That being said, I still stand by qanon despite the unpopular and seemingly endless array of events that seem to disprove it. I look at Trump Pluto activation and its note on retreat to bring success and I feel that is exactly what the last 4 years of “Biden” have been about. Interestingly, qanon talks about darkening of the light which is also Trumps sun design. The darkening of the light he is utilizing his need to retreat to show the world how the politics are capable of darkening the light thereby bringing the tribe together in unique ways and all but ensuring (probably) the successful defeat of the darkness. Interestingly enough the eclipse next month has many conjunctions of many planets that align with trumps natal chart in profound. I was curious if you have any opinions or insights from looking at the astrological chart of that day (which also has America’s Pluto return and Chiron in alignment with the eclipse and saturn in the same opposition it was in with America’s natal chart). There are many interesting facts about this eclipse that has a visiting wild card comet in line along with its passover of 7 biblical towns and the one in 2017 (7 years ago) having gone through 7 cities of Salem). On top of that there is many many many corrections with Trumps presidency and the number 7. A lot to ponder and I’m sure I’ve gone to depths most would never have been to crazy enough to try to reach, but I do find it rather interesting and would love an opinion from a human design professional with the 7 years under their belt and some political perspectives to help me get to the point that I intuitively feel I’m close to. Very intense and interesting times we live in and I’m blessed to human design in my toolbox and would love your human design political analysis on this subject.

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