Why we need an emotional reset

I watched the movie Contagion last night, about a pandemic sweeping the planet. It was strange watching a version of real life, but not. Apart from me yelling at the television about the finer details of epidemiology (we’re all experts now), I was struck by how the movie version featured all kinds of dark apocalyptic visions, while my current lived reality is filled with lovely people helping others.

I wanted to track back to the Full Moon in March, to something important, something that got lost in the initial intensity of this pandemic.

On 9th March 2020 we had a full moon in the Gate of Grace. This is when the universe sent humanity to their rooms for some down time. Some navel contemplation time.

We are doing an emotional reset for humanity.

The Sun was in Gate 22 (Grace), the Earth and Moon in Gate 47 (Exhaustion).

Human Design transit for Full Moon 9 March 2020
Human Design Transits
Full Moon 9 March 2020

Why we were all grounded

Let me tell you about Gate 47 – the gate of exhaustion and entrapment. When we try to grow beyond natural limits, we exhaust everything. Our resources, our wisdom, our own energy is depleted.

Usually when this gate is active I write to let everyone know – don’t worry about how exhausted you feel, it’s just the transits, take it easy, get lots of rest and this will pass.

Not this time! The internet is alive with people doing all kinds of wonderful silly things because they have so much time on their hands! There is a tremendous sense of being suddenly off the treadmill. I know there are some people who are in great difficulty from financial insecurity, dealing with domestic violence, experiencing anxiety about loved ones. I don’t want to negate their plight, but the general sense of this is – time to reset.

Image: Yoskay Yamamoto

Remember your garden! Life can be big and interesting or full of duties, but happiness dwells in a small and limited place, a secret garden. There the tree of life is growing. Never stay out of there too long.

Lise Heyboer – hexagram 47

Who’s your Nemesis?

The asteroid Nemesis was also in Gate 47. According to Mesomedes she is the winged balancer of life, the dark-faced goddess, the daughter of justice. Although we might commonly think of Nemesis as some evil enemy, in fact she is more about rebalancing anything that is out of kilter. Like karma, or the environment.

In Line 3, she says we should stop making half-arsed efforts at sorting out our mess on this planet, and make a transition to a new and better way of living. We need to renew our partnership with reality.

Our culture has become inauthentic

On our March Full Moon, the Sun was in the same gate as Neptune, the planet that rules pandemics, making us sensitive to all the ways in which our lives have become inauthentic. This gate takes away any desire for outcomes. It’s all about things that are enjoyable for their own sake – a sunset, small talk at a party, the smell of a rose.

The Gate of Grace asks us to stop trying to make things happen, to stop trying to become something we’re not.

This is not a time to focus on results, it’s a time for imaginative, lively exploration of beautiful ways in which the essence of humanity could flower anew.

A massive past life integration

Neptune will be in this gate until March 2022, so this process of inner change and emotional reset is only just beginning! We have a long way to go.

Gate 47 is part of a channel that opens us to past life information, helping us to integrate it where necessary into this life. While it’s not necessary to consciously recall past lives, you may find yourself having strange and inexplicable reactions to things. Imagine a 2 year period of karmic integration of past life emotional trauma. No wonder we are being taken out of normal circulation!

Revealing our cultural shame

Human Design System Channel of Grace
Channel of Grace – Gate of Grace (22) and Gate of Blockage (12)

The Sun and Neptune in the Gate of Grace make a channel with the Gate of Blockage. This is one of the main repositories of shame in the Human Design chart, making us feel we should pretend to be what we aren’t. This shame is enfolded within us, such a part of our culture that we don’t know who we are without it. We can’t see what we need or want because we are too busy chasing the bright shiny rewards our culture tells us represent ultimate approval.

The asteroid Circe was also in Gate 22 line 3. Circe speaks of waking up from a world filled with false delights that are really just salve to cover the pain of what we lack. Circe turns up when we have been seduced out of our own soul time and into a place where we cling to the promise of nourishment that never arrives. And our ability to be powerful creators in our own homes, providing true nourishment, to be sovereign over our own sacred journey.

I love the shared twitter threads where people are posting photos of the bread they are cooking. So much fun, so much nourishment!

Image: Ana Maria Nale

You know what I am loving more than anything? Watching all the ‘important’ people doing video links from their very ordinary spare rooms, with (probably unused) exercise bikes in the background, kids drawings hanging half off the wall and not a makeup artist or wardrobe assistant in sight. The stripping away of the gloss of what is inessential brings us closer to truth and reality.

Capitalism at a Crossroads

I wrote about the role of Gate 26 – Great Accumulation – in this and previous pandemics. Who should we find in this gate but the crone who rules over crossroads – Hekate!

Hekate tells us we can keep doing the same old same old, despite being divorced from actual reality. Or we can stop for a while and patiently reflect on our behaviour. Running repairs are not an option, nor is any kind of fake or temporary fix. We are choosing a new direction where emotion, reality and action form an integrated coherent whole.

Our emotions need an update

The Channel of Grace is where we are changed through our interactions with others. We’re not here for the transformation, just for the cup of tea and the chat but something profound happens. We relax into our authentic selves. We find ourselves retelling a story and having an ahah! moment. Life is somehow never the same again.

This is a channel of individual mutation. But we are so behind on our mutation schedule! Our emotions have been getting squashed down because we’ve been so damned busy ‘earning a living’ that our emotional field has clogged up and we’ve lost our ability to respond correctly to reality. Stuck in old versions of truth, rehashing our traumas in current time, getting more and more inauthentic.

Reality has finally had enough and called a halt to a whole lot of human activity.

Doing an emotional defrag may not seem like such a big deal, but when 90% of 8 billion people are going insane, clearly a reset is required.

Being more emotionally healthy and clear means we can stop doing the past over and over like a broken record and start doing the future in imaginative and exciting new ways. This is all part of the shift in human consciousness happening over the next decade, engaging us in entirely new ways with creating our reality.

And that’s why we’ve all been sent to our rooms for a few months – to allow the past to complete within our emotional field, and to learn how to come together to envision a whole new future for humanity, and life on earth.


PS. Mercury is in Gate 22 until April 6th, which will likely be making you very sleepy, its just part of the defrag. Enjoy your naps!

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2 thoughts on “Why we need an emotional reset

  1. This was lovely! I have been studying human design for 4-5 years and when I read your interpretations I enjoy your style, and wish I had the ability to do the same…the interpretation part…and then I think about what you said about being inauthentic. I’m a 1/3 PG with one channel 3-60, completely open G & Ajna. Might be worth having a look at with you. Different perspectives are always helpful.

  2. I love your style of interpretation. It makes complete sense to me! Been involved with HD since about 2000 and love to continue to learn from experts like you!

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