why you should be flinging out your old ideas

On a day that Saturn lines up exactly with The Great Attractor, the Australian media is awash with puzzled stories about the Trump phenomenon. It was no surprise to find he has his Design Uranus exactly opposite this super massive black hole. And that his Design Sun completes the channel.

Why was I not surprised?

Because The Great Attractor flings old ideas out of the box and asks them how they like their new freedom. It can bring about eccentricity and extremism, specifically around the free spirited “must maintain my individuality” theme.  When The Great Attractor turns up, we are inexorably drawn into it’s influence, but we can’t be sure if the object of our extreme curiosity is brilliant … or just quite mad. It kind of sums up the Trump show, as he breaks all the rules and still maintains immense popularity. In fact, as I see it from over this side of the world, it’s his rule breaking that is fuelling his popularity.


Uranus has a special link to The Great Attractor anyway, and when Trump brings that 35.3 Uranus into the picture he is pumping a powerful galactic energy. Have a look at Gate 35 line 3:

To experience a consensus in your support – a wholehearted affirmation of what you understand and aspire to – is a powerful gift.

Saturn is transiting directly opposite Trump’s Uranus today. These planets represent the quintessential Establishment v’s the Renegade struggle. Old man Saturn, filled with convention and history. Upstart Uranus, quick and unconventional, filled with fire for change. Uranus can get stuck in rebellion, standing against everything, rather than for anything. Saturn can be deaf and dumb to the messages that change is upon him and he should surrender to his dissolution with grace.

We can see the story played out in Trump’s Design Sun in 36.3:

You set out on an active determined hunt for what oppresses the light. And you have success! But grasping the source of the problem and the key to it’s solution is not the same as having a completed solution. If you rush to make the light fully manifest, you risk injury. You have an insight of enduring value and for this to be realised will take time and constancy.

What’s cool about this is that our Human Design shows our DNA coding. And this means Mr Trump is VERY galactic.

There is a message here for us all.

The old version of Saturn and Uranus is the young rebel fighting for freedom against a calcified establishment. Our new more evolved version of these two planets comes from the two working in synergy rather than slugging it out for survival. Saturn is the planet of concrete reality. Not a cold and hard externally imposed reality, but simply you taking charge of what you are creating for yourself. Uranus wants the freedom to channel new galactic ideas without having to be always adapting them to rules that no longer make sense. The synergy of the two is a flow of creation, where change is a constant. This still feels frightening because deep down in our dna codes there is still a few bits that say we need the old establishment for our survival.

Uranus wants us to fling out all the old ideas, baby and bathwater style. Saturn says … hmm maybe we could use a few of those in the future!


Here’s where Trump pulls the past and the future together (a particular feature of The Great Attractor). He appeals to values from the past, and projects them into the future. Make America Great Again! Make the past the future! We must consider our past, learn from it, but we can’t recreate it. What is it we DO want?

Today, as Mercury in Gate 54 line 3 acts as a bridge to remind us of the lessons of  Pluto square Uranus, its a good idea to pull back and get a bit of perspective.

The Sun is in 19 today, very sensitive. The Earth is in the Gate of Retreat. If there is one message I would pass onto you today it is this.

Even when you need to retreat, be still, take things easy, sleep, walk on the beach, not talk to anyone … even when some people might see you doing nothing, you are in fact moving towards your purpose. If you can recognise that, you will not get stuck. If you continue to align with your best desires rather than allow the past to define you, you will stay in contact with your active creative self, no matter how still you may look from the outside. There is no need to react to the illusion of loss. Everything that is yours, everything you choose, is available and you do not need to rebel or fight. That is a very old version of the Uranus/Saturn story and is based on lack, and a fixed amount of stuff we all have to fight over.

You simply need to bring your awareness continually to what you desire and how good it feels. Yes, there are some ideas you need to fling out. Yes you can do with stepping outside the box and pondering the view. But don’t get caught in reflexive rebellion against the past. You are learning to create consciously, rather than unconsciously by default.

There is an article on Galactic Centres here. 

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