What’s your story?  How do you interpret your world?  The Sun and Mercury line up today – 18th November – with the North Node today creating a profound point of choice and a call to embrace our most desired future.

Each one of us has inbuilt filters that help us create meaning in our life.  Makemake, a dwarf planet that orbits out past Pluto, is all about the story – which stories we tell ourselves and which ones we’ve learned  not to see.  He has an impact on what stars we choose to navigate by, which pathways we choose to take.

Today is a day for standing at the crossroads of our lives and contemplating our life story.

The gates that run from the Sacral to the Ji Centre (our belly to heart connection) represent the energy and vitality we commit to our soul’s journey.Today, as the Sun and Mercury both line up with the North Node, we find a new direction.  There is a beautiful nurturing, warm and loving energy available to us now, as we choose the ‘middle way’.


Restoring Humanity Through Kindness


Ceres in the Gate of Extremes (15) is helping us find the middle ground between haughty arrogance and self abnegation.  I saw the latest James Bond movie last night – Skyfall.  It really struck me as I watched the number of  people being killed and the amount of damage to property, all in the name of the greater good of course, how inhumanity can seem glamorous.  Is my mission really more important than your life?  When we find that middle path between our own needs and the needs of others, we restore humanity to everyone.

Ceres is joined by an astonishing line up of ‘nice’ planets.

  • Chariklo – healing assistant to Vesta, a gentle kind healer who can hold a space for the pain of others.
  • Amycus – a warm and loving centaur, slightly unconventional and with an appreciation for the beauty of life.
  • Okyrhoe – daughter of Chiron and a gentle affirming and supportive energy.
  • Iris – bringing hope that there is a solution, the rainbow messenger goddess who mitigates against hatred.

Chariklo, Amycus, Okyrhoe and Iris are all in the Gate of Waiting For Nourishment (gate 5) just now. This is THE “waiting” gate.  Hilary Barrett describes it like this:

You wait for what you need like a farmer waiting for the weather to change.  This is not a passive state.  You can dance for rain, influence events by bringing yourself into harmony with the outcome you need.  Feasting on what you have when you can’t cultivate your fields shows confidence, it keeps you rested and prepared for the moment when you can act.  When you are fully present in your waiting, your attention shines out like a beacon.  Commit yourself to go as far as you can towards what you’re waiting for, and you begin the transition into the world where it is real.  (Adapted from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching on Gate 5, Waiting).

Over on the other side of the Bodygraph, and still part of the belly to heart connection, dwarf planet Makemake is in the Gate of Pushing Upwards (46).   This gate represents a vigorous and active time, pushing forward one step after another towards the warmth and light.  With noble character, we build up the small things we need each day to help us attain our goals.

Joining Makemake, in the Gate of the Abyss ( gate 29) is the keeper of the crossroads, Hekate.  Crone, magician and revealer of life’s deepest mysteries, Hekate appears here in a gate of danger.  She tells use to stop digging ourselves deeper into our longest standing problems, and grasp the simple offers of support coming to us.  It’s not the whole solution, but each time we reach out our hand for help we choose a new way of life.

Makemake shows us where we have only seen half the story, and Hekate holds a space for us to hear the other person’s point of view so we can choose a wiser and more compassionate path.


Activating the Nodes Today


The Earth is exactly conjunct the South Node today.  They are in the Gate of  Holding Together (gate 8), which is also about accepting simple offers of support.  We are finding new fractal connections, even with those we’ve known for a long time. The heart opening of the current nodal activation is helping us see what we mean to each other, to find a more positive reflection.  There is a profound shift here – we are all in this together and warmth, love, kindness and gentleness are more nourishing than glamour and power.   Pluto in the gentle gate of Joy (youngest daughter in the I Ching, and the most gentle of the I Ching characters)  adds to the transformative power.

As the Sun lines up with the North Node today, and the Earth with the South Node, we stand at a destiny point.  This is a crossroads.  We stand ready to hold firm to the simplicity of a natural heart felt affinity towards those we love and care about, even over the external stories of greed and power.   This opens a dimensional doorway for humanity, as we find solutions that seemed impossible and implausible as we struggled on alone in the old story.

Mercury is all about bringing things to consciousness.  He is the messenger and one of the few who had open access to the underworld.  In Scorpio he’s quite a home, up to his usual tricks against the wealthy and powerful.   Today he joins with the Sun and the North Node to bring you and your life to a new place.  Your only mistake today would be to believe that you are stuck.  Hold a vision of where you want to be, and set out to explore.

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