What sustains us now?

Around the world we are seeing calls to turn the economy back on. Sure, some people will die. But it will be worth it! The Gods of Industry will be back on their thrones and all will be well with the world!

We are seeing a clash of survival strategies at the moment. One group is convinced we need to care for each other, the other group believes it is power, influence, secrets and money that keep them safe.

Tribal survival strategies

These strategies are so deeply wired into our system it seems insane to apply the other strategy. They are the polarities within the old tribal architecture of human consciousness about how best to survive. But let’s not get all dualistic here. There is another option.

This week we have the Sun joining Saturn in the Channel of Mutation. This is an individual channel, a channel of birthing new worlds.

The sacral gate – gate 3 – the gate of new beginnings, is all about how we work with chaos. Chaos is really scary for most people. It is the nightmare of losing control, of not understanding what’s happening and not knowing what to do.

Gate 3 tells us this: there is a new order arising from the chaos. We have our own unique role in drawing it into form, if we pay attention to the subtlety of our inner world rather than join in the general pandemonium.

The other gate in this channel is in the Root Centre – Gate 60 – the gate of limitations. This is not a negative energy, rather its an instruction manual for working with the density of life on earth. Your mind exists in 3 dimensions – time, space, energy. Your body exists in this moment only, in the fourth dimension – matter. It’s relationship with mind brings embodied quantum consciousness, but we’re not doing it quite right yet.

Our bodies are a restraint on our minds, but our minds, used incorrectly, can flood our body, triggering emotional and physical reactions that strip us of well-being and clarity. Gate 60 is the antidote. To live in agreement between mind and body does not mean we do without, it means we open to a whole new way of experiencing our own uniqueness. It’s how we find sustainability and true sustenance.

We are finding new ways to care, for ourselves and for each other. You might be experiencing a strange shift in what you care about right now. That’s all part of the process. Go with it.

We are all Midas right now

Speaking of which, do you remember Midas? He was the king who wanted everything turned to gold. But then he realised, when his daughter was turned to gold, not such a great idea. I’m pretty sure Midas was a line 3 profile.

We are all Midas right now, being flooded by our minds with survival hormones. Big flashing CHAOS lights everywhere. Turns out, the gold (power, influence, safe jobs, stable careers) we were told would keep us safe is not the thing we need in a pandemic.

Midas is in Gate 39 in the Human Design chart at the moment, the gate that says when things aren’t working we turn towards home and your own inner sanctum. Tick! This gate also suggests – you can’t care for (or about) everyone, it’s just too exhausting and overwhelming.

Joining Midas in the channel is a brand new dwarf planet called Gonggong, a Chinese creator god who knocked the world off its axis. He actually did that in a fit of rage fueled by his shame at losing a fight. Gonggong is in the Gate of Abundance just now (55), a gate which tells us two very important things.

Human Design channel of emoting – gates 39 and 55

Firstly, when abundance reaches its height everything begins to fall apart, because … cycles of life. And then, despite what we’ve lost, we must make practical plans for what next.

Second, we have the capacity within us to find clarity about our part in this process of creating a new cycle, we go to our own centre and there we find an abundance of resources, plans and allies.

When Midas was too sad to cope he went into the forest, where Pan rescued him. Pan is a wild and randy forest creature who was possibly the basis for Christianity’s devil. Pan helped Midas reconnect with his own natural self, remake his relationship with the real world.

Right now Pan is in Gate 12, the Gate of Blockages. Which is very interesting because here we also find the asteroid Chaos, making a channel with Neptune. Not only this, but the line in which we find Chaos is the one that talks about being blocked because of shame. Or feeling shame because we are blocked by inauthenticity. Either of those work.

So is it possible that the blockages created by shame are knocking the world off it’s axis? I talked here about emotions we would rather die than feel. Shame is certainly one of those.

Pandora by Rossetti

When I think of shame my go-to asteroid is Pandora. She is in the same gate as the North Node just now (our evolutionary edge). Pandora is holding that lid down so tightly, terrified of what will escape if she lets it slip – pestilence, famine, flood … oh wait! But, the original Pandora was the goddess of all-giftedness. Pandora shows the place in your chart where you are supremely gifted but have been conditioned to believe your gifts are cursed. (You can find Pandora (and Pan and all the other asteroids and dwarf planets) in your Human Design chart here)

You are creating unique meaning

Let’s go back to the Channel of Mutation. It’s in the individual circuitry, which is all about self-empowerment, but the central channel has a more specific meaning. It’s about being able to make sense of life. On your terms, as a unique individual. No one else creates the meaning of life that you do.

This central channel forms a part of the Individual Circuitry in Human Design

Pluto and Jupiter are both in Gate 61 right now, right at the top of that central channel – in Gate 61. This is an inspired mental pressure for you to shift your locus of awareness from joining in the groupthink to experiencing how you CREATE meaning in each moment.

This is a new relationship between your mind and your body! It’s mind that includes body and body that informs mind.

The shame comes from all the places where YOU, the magnificence of YOU, does not fit the external rules. Whatever they are. Like Midas’ gold, that type of communal ‘fitting in’ doesn’t sustain us anymore. This is a leap into the void, a trust that we will land in the matrix of brilliance rather than the lonely hell of our nightmares.

What truly nourishes you?

One more piece of the puzzle. The Earth is in Gate 50, the vessel for transformation, the stable robust foundations for a new world. It is joined in that channel by Uranus. This is the last hurrah of Uranus in the Gate of Nourishment, where he has been helping us find the uniqueness of what nourishes us. Throw away the food pyramid and rely on your senses! Create a life filled with what truly nourishes you! This is what Uranus has been telling us.

On 15th May Uranus will shift into Gate 24, and this will bring upheaval, more on that to come. For now, pay attention to how your own experience of creating meaning in each moment is sustaining you, despite it feeling like you are leaping into a void.

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6 thoughts on “What sustains us now?

  1. Thank you for regular timely guidance, in these times of chaos. Love the way, it all comes back to discover and staying with our authenticity 🙏

  2. Thank you Kim!!!! This resonates in such a powerful way. I wonder what it’s going to feel like when Uranus shifts gates on May 15….we will see!

  3. Thank goddess you are in my life. Your ability to frame our current situation is immeasurable in its ability to calm and sooth the parts which cannot get a grip of what is going on. Your words provide a foot hold and a view point to keep going. Thank you for everything you do.

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